Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Breakfast in Girdwood

We packed rather light for our long weekend in Alaska, so after our jeans got covered in mud from our hike, we decided to do some laundry in town before heading onward. While our clothes were in the washer, we enjoyed breakfast at the Bake Shop. Our timing was perfect because as soon as we sat down, a huge tour bus dropped off 30+ people! 

We ordered the Sweet Roll to go, so that we could enjoy it during our drive later in the day.  Rather than just a cinnamon sugar filling, these rolls had a fruity swirl and a huge pat of softened butter on the side.

 They have a few egg scrambles and omelets on the menu, but I prefer to order something that I can't easily recreate at home. We each ordered three sourdough pancakes. They were thin and huge with that sourdough tang. If you're looking for a carby start to your day, be sure to check out the Bake Shop.
After finishing our laundry, we returned to our hotel to take the tram up to the mountain top. The views were breath taking.

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