Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anchorage Brunch

While planning our time in Seattle, we were determined to take advantage of our close proximity to so many great destinations. At the top of our list was Alaska. While many people travel to Alaska via a cruise, I was hesitant to take too much time off at any given time since I am technically here for work. We decided on a long weekend. This allowed us to pack in a lot of our own interests in a short amount of time without having to waste time cruising on a boat or being constrained by their schedule.

Thankfully, our honeymoon flights to Australia two years ago rewarded up with enough miles for our flights. Delta partners with Alaska Airlines, which naturally has a hub here in Seattle. It was our first experience with Alaska Airlines, which was quite pleasant for us.

Food and activities in Alaska don't come cheaply with their limited tourism season and freight costs for things from the mainland. Fishing is a major source of income, so we both wanted to enjoy seafood at every meal possible. Since we had an early flight, and we gained an hour, it was time for lunch we arrived. We picked out Snow City Cafe, and given the crowd, we knew we made the right choice. I'm so glad I made reservations using Open Table on my phone to avoid the long wait.

We ordered the crabby omelet which was overflowing with fresh, flaky crab meat and melted mozzarella. I loved the rich, creamy avocado slices on top. The hash browns were phenomenal: crisp on the outside,
 smooth and creamy on the inside.
 For the second entree, we went with our server's recommendation for the salmon cakes. Unfortunately, we didn't find that they lived up to her hype, and furthermore, our egg yolks were not as runny as we would have liked. 
Breakfast dishes also come with toast, and I chose sourdough since it's just as legendary as sourdough from San Francisco. Each table has a jar of homemade jam, and we enjoyed the strawberry flavor. I love the homey touches of this popular local eatery.

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