Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bluberry picking

As I packed up for the road trip cross country, I decided to skip canning in 2012. I quickly regretted that choice after seeing the bountiful produce here in the Pacific Northwest. For my first summer canning project, I decided to go blueberry picking. I've always wanted to go blueberry picking, but the season is short in Midwest, and very, very hot. It's also not very convenient to find a u-pick farm near the city. Imagine my excitement when I learned that I could pick blueberries at a farm just 20 minutes from our West Seattle apartment!

Aaron and I picked blueberries for about an hour, which yielded 4.3 pounds! We used the blueberries for eating, freezing, and canning. For my two canning projects, I made blueberry aigre doux and blueberry jam. I haven't tasted them yet, but I will certainly blog about it when we open the jars.

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