Monday, July 30, 2012

Skillet Diner

Working at Boeing Field during the work week does not allow me the opportunity to try the food trucks that frequent the downtown area during lunch hour. I had seen numerous mention of the Skillet Street Food Truck due to their recent cookbook release, their infamous bacon spread, and of course, their food truck. Learning about Skillet Diner made our dinner choice a no-brainer.

We arrived on the early side for dinner time, so we were seated right away. I would not recommend sitting at the counter if you are vertically challenged like myself. The seats are set far away from the counter, forcing you to sit on the edge of your seat to reach the floor and the counter. Furthermore, without a foot rest, the circulation in the back of my thighs were getting cut off. Needless to say, we asked for a two-top after we placed our food order, which irked the hostess.

Onto the food....Aaron opted for the Friday night special: bbq spare ribs served on a bed of whiskey baked beans. The richness of the ribs and beans were contrasted by the cool and crisp coleslaw. The ribs were succulent, tender, and flavorful. The jalapeno cornbread had a great kick to them and made moist from the addition of goat cheese. I ordered the fried chicken dinner and upgraded for a cornmeal waffle. The fried chicken was crisp, moist, and well seasoned. The waffle was surprisingly a disappointment - it was dense and dull., but I loved the mustard tossed potatoes and greens.

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