Monday, July 23, 2012

Macrina Bakery

I somehow came across Macrina Bakery last winter and started subscribing to their monthly newsletter. After being in Seattle for a couple of weeks, I was thrilled to learn of its close proximity to our apartment and to the Costco that we frequent. Before running our Sunday errands, we enjoyed a seasonal brunch at Macrina. The weekend brunch menu varies from week to week. For our first visit, Aaron ordered a bagel sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and scrambled eggs. I ordered the market special with heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Our ticket somehow got lost after placing our order, so when the staff realized this oversight, they compensated us with a pastry filled with raspberry jam. 

When Aaron went home to Buffalo the following weekend, I returned to Macrina for a solo brunch. I again ordered the market special, but on that specific day, it was a fried egg in between two delicious slices of their artisan break. 

I have since returned to Macrina after work to pick up a loaf of rye bread. It was wonderfully flavorful, tender on the inside, and hearty and crusty on the exterior. It was a great bread for a patty melt dinner one night when I decided to caramelize a Walla Walla onion.

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