Monday, June 4, 2012


A year ago, I was quite discontent with my job and felt the need for a change. I didn't know if that change would be another job, another city, or another career altogether. I felt too antsy to wait it out for a job opportunity out of state to fall into place, so I went for a change in jobs. As with any change, I was initially weary and concerned that I had made the wrong decision.  Early in my career, I had never stayed within one department for more than two years, so leaving after five years in one group was a difficult task and bold move. 

Eight months later, I'm happy to report that God led me into making the right decision to change jobs. It has opened doors that I would never have otherwise encountered. More specifically, I have been given the amazing opportunity to move to Seattle! I will be working onsite at a client for six months! I am so incredibly grateful and blessed for this unique opportunity. 

As I had mentioned, I had an itch to relocate last year. I felt a bit of regret for having never lived outside of the greater Chicagoland area: I grew up in the northwest suburbs, attended Northwestern University just north of Chicago, and stayed in Chicago after graduating. I couldn't believe that I would now have that opportunity to temporarily relocate - risk free! And the best part?! Aaron and Bailey are going to join me! Seattle was the first vacation that Aaron and I took as a couple nine years ago. We are very excited to bring Bailey to explore the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

It all happened very quickly, hence, the lack of posts on the blog. I was given the go ahead on  May 23, and had to book a trip out to Seattle for May 29 to apply for a security badge (a the client's office) and to look for temporary housing. During my search, I took a coffee break at Bakery Noveau in the Alaska Junction area of West Seattle. Their bakery case contained so many scrumptious goodies! I finally narrowed it down to two croissants: the chocolate and the almond. The barista recommended the almond croissant if I hadn't had it yet. The croissant was twice baked - crisp on the outside, flaky and luxurious on the inside. This was the afternoon treat that my headache was demanding.

The next day, prior to catching a flight back home to Chicago, I was determined to get lunch at il Corvo. I first heard about it from KennyZ's twitter feed. il Corvo is an artisanal pasta maker located inside a gelateria near Pike Place Market. They have very limited hours (T-F, 11am-3pm) and have been known to run out of pasta before the day's end! With a daily menu of only three pasta options, I was tempted to order two all for myself. I decided not to be too much of a pig before my flight. I went with the parpadelle with pork sugo, which is one of the my top three pasta dishes of all time. The parpadelle noodles were beautifully made, and the pork sugo was rich in flavor and so succulent. It was a great send off before returning home. 

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