Friday, May 18, 2012


I was pretty spoiled in April with a nice dinner at Goosefoot, and then Topolobampo just two weeks later. Topolobampo is Rick Bayless' two Michelin star restaurant. We have enjoyed Frontera, Xoco, and Tortas Frontera on numerous occasions, but getting a table at Topolobampo requires several weeks of planning!

We opted to order a la carte rather than a tasting menu because we wanted to mix and match our options. 

Lasana Autoctona de Huitlacoche: "Lasagna" of corn masa noodles, huitlacoche (inky corn mushroom), roasted white sweet potato & crunchy nixtamal in herby-green, fresh corn sauce (wild greens, serrano chile).

Tres Bocaditos Oaxaquenos: Three bites of Oaxaca - aged beef tenderloin tasajo (tlayuda, black beans); classic chorizo (Oaxacan pasilla salsa, quail egg); red chile pork loin cecina (avocado-tomatillo salsa, pickled ripe tomatillos, pickled radish pods)

Carne Asada y Barbacoa en Mole Negro: Seared Premier Wagyu ribeye & slow-roasted Crawford Farm lamb in classic Oaxacan black mole (chilhuacle chiles & 28 other ingredients), corn husk-steamed chipil tamal,  unctuous black beans, smoky green beans.

Pescado en Mole de Olla: crispy skin Alaskan arctic char, rich red guajillo chile broth (epazote, garlic,  tomato), garlicky chayote & huauzontles (Mexican greens), yucca, Napa & lime.

Crepas con Cajeta y Ciruela: Warm, buttery crepes with homemade goat’s milk caramel, dried and fresh Seedling Farm plums, dried plum-armagnac ice cream, toasted hazelnuts

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