Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do-rite Donuts

There's a new donut shop near my office, which is bad for both my waistline and my wallet. Thankfully, Do-Rite Donuts close early in the afternoon once they sell out of the day's product. I've accumulated these pictures from three separate visits over the course of several weeks.

Maple bacon cruller - French crullers have become my favorite donut. I believe they were my grandfather's favorite because whenever he would visit, he would bring us a few. They tend to be lighter than most donuts due to the pockets of air in the piped shape. Unfortunately, this donut did not really do anything for us as the maple frosting was overpowering, and the texture did not compare favorably for a cruller.

The meyer lemon pistachio donut was quite muted in flavor. 

I don't really recall ever having a buttermilk donut before Do-rite, but their version is a home run. Crunchy on the outside with a rich crumb that just melts in the mouth.

I thought the sticky bidness sounded like a good match for Aaron's love of cinnamon rolls and my love for caramel. It was certainly light and delicate, but the pecans were a miss on this sticky bidness. 

As a chocoholic, I loved the thick layer of ganache on the valhrona chocolate cake donut. Perfect balance especially with a cup of coffee. 

Finally, there was the carrot cake donut with a tight middle to hold the the cream cheese and nuts. A delicately spiced and glazed muffin disguised as a donut. 

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