Friday, March 16, 2012


Often times, when you set out to buy mascarpone cheese, the store usually only carries BelGioioso. I was pretty excited to see mascarpone from Vermont Creamery at the Standard Market. I knew right then and there that tiramisu would be in the near future. I had picked up some soft lady fingers from Trader Joe's during the holidays based on someone's recommendation for being great in tiramisu. I haven't made tiramisu at home in several years so I don't have a very accurate basis for comparison to hard lady fingers. I did find these to be exceptionally delicate in that I couldn't soak them in the espresso for much more than 2 seconds per side.

After patiently waiting the recommended six hours for the components to marry, it was a wonderful conclusion to our baked ziti dinner. Even though I only soaked the lady fingers for half of the recommended time, the Kahlua and espresso flavor still permeated the lady fingers turning the formerly crisp cookies into soft, pillowy cake layers. The mascarpone and heavy cream layer was incredibly light and fluffy. If I had remembered how much I enjoyed homemade tiramisu, I wouldn't have waited this long to recreate it at home.

Link to tiramisu recipe.

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