Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bacon and eggs pizza

As I had previously mentioned, one of my favorite cities in the U.S. is San Francisco. It wasn't until my third drive along the Pacific Coast Highway in 2009, that I finally made it down to the Big Sur. 

We intially planned on having dinner at Deetjen's, but I think it was closed or deserted looking, so we back tracked and stumbled upon the Big Sur Bakery and Cafe. This was one of those pleasant surprises that we encountered without planning ahead. I loved the rustic wood cabin feel of the restaurant that made you feel like you stumbled upon someone's home for a meal. 

To my delight, Big Sur Bakery and Cafe released a cookbook just a couple of weeks after our visit. It's a beautiful cookbook organized by the season. One of the recipes that I quickly bookmarked was their breakfast pizza. It had all of the ingredients that we love: pizza? Check. Runny egg yolk? Check. Bacon? Check. 

I finally found the perfect opportunity to make this after buying Nueske's peppered bacon from the Standard Market on sale! The bacon has a smoky, rich, and obviously very peppery taste. It's lean, but still crisps up very well. The egg yolk was runny enough to create a sauce like consistency. We were also able to appreciate the cheeses used in this recipe since there were so few ingredients. I think this breakfast themed pizza is great for any meal of the day!

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