Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you and your love enjoyed a sweet valentine's day. I baked these chocolate sugar cookies, which really surprised me. The dough was really soft and sticky after the first hour in the refrigerator. After getting frustrated and discouraged, I was beginning to regret not making Dorie Greenspan's World Peace Cookies. 

I left the chocolate sugar cookie dough in the refrigerator for two more days before I finally decided to tackle them again. This time, I cut off a small section of dough each time so that the remainder could stay cold and hard in the fridge. This technique really helped yield clearly defined cookie shapes. After letting the dough rest for two days rather than the recommended two hours, I anticipated dry, hard cookies and didn't have very high hopes. Martha proved me wrong! These were soft, chewy and so chocolatey. I made a small batch of icing, so some cookies remained plain. I decided to put some homemade vanilla ice cream in between the plain cookies, and they were so delightful. Do you remember those awful, boring ice cream sandwiches growing up as a kid? This was so much better in comparison. I will have to remake these cookies just to recreate these ice cream sandwiches. 

Below is my preferred recipe for icing. It's not as opaque as other recipes, but I like it for its simplicity and taste. Annie's Eats and Bake at 350 both have a great tutorial on using royal icing.

Decorative Icing
Adapted from Cooks Illustrated

1 cup confectioners sugar
a few drops of flavored extract (vanilla, lemon, almond)
2-3 tbsp milk

Mix ingredients to your desired consistency. Allow the icing to rest for 10 minutes so that the air bubbles can settle.

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