Monday, November 21, 2011

Thai Beef Curry

I can't believe it's already been two months since we had the privilege of hearing Chef Ferran Adria speak at the Harold Washington Library. For someone who has won countless awards, received three Michelin stars, and revolutionized the way people think about food, he was amazingly humble.He spoke openly about wanting to share his passion and knowledge. This openness to mentor is such a wonderful gift, that I wish was more prevalent.

The purpose of Chef Adria's visit to the States was to promote his newest cookbook, A Family Meal. At El Bulli, there is a staff of 75 who eat dinner together before service. Even though diners at El Bulli enjoyed the best ingredients in the world, the budget for the staff meal was only four euros per person. They still strived to create a three course meal, and in doing so, they began to keep record of their recipes. They had hoped that this recipe collection would help other restaurants prepare staff meals. Then it dawned on them to scale the recipes for 2, 4 and 75. The cookbook would then appeal to everyone, including the home cook.

With A working from home a few times during the week, I loved coming home to having dinner ready to eat. He chose the Thai Beef Curry for the first recipe at home. He told me that the beef was incredibly tough as he prepared the meal, which really surprised me given how tender it became after cooking for a couple of hours. It was a fragrant meal to come home to, but it doesn't rival the authentic Thai restaurants in Chicago. We added some bell peppers from our produce share to add some color and vegetables during the last 15 minutes of cooking over the stove.

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