Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

With a head of cabbage from a recent produce share, I was looking for a good, solid recipe for it. I had fond memories of stuffed cabbage rolls that I enjoyed at last year's LTHForum cookie exchange. I turned to Smitten Kitchen and came across her mother-in-law's recipe for stuffed cabbage rolls. I didn't have a parsnip on hand, but this still made a ton of filling. I ended up just adding the extra filling to flavor the sauce. As usual, this recipe did not disappoint. A had grown an aversion to cabbage after traveling to Poland several years ago, but he gave this his seal of approval. The veggies and beef melded so well together inside the cabbage packets. The filling enhanced the flavor of the tomato sauce as it simmered for 40 minutes. These stuffed cabbage rolls were a warm party in your mouth on a cool fall day. (I've plated two on a small salad plate, not a dinner plate!)

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