Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brussels Sprout salad with pomegranate and apple

Growing up, I took piano lessons for several years. My lessons would be in the early evening hours so that my dad could pick me up after work. He was often running late to pick me up, so I had to wait at my piano teacher's house until he came for me. Sometimes he would be so late getting me, that I could smell the awful sulfurous aroma of some cabbage family vegetable being prepared for dinner. 

I never confirmed what was being cooked that created that pungent scent, but I always suspected it might be brussels sprouts. Our house never smelled like that, especially since my mom spared us the misery of ever having brussels sprouts. I just knew that brussels sprouts was one of the most hated vegetables, so I always assumed it smelled. Don't you love ignorant adolescents? 

As we all grow up into adults, so do our tastes and palettes. I've learned to be more open and try new things, including brussels sprouts. I've learned to love them roasted, especially with a good grainy dijon mustard. I also love shaved brussels sprouts in salad, thanks to the Publican

In an effort to make a light meal before all the holiday indulgence ahead of us, we made a brussels sprout salad with apples and pomegranate for dinner. We followed this recipe to a T but added some leftover goat cheese from Stamper Cheese. The goat cheese was creamy, tangy, and an indulgent addition that I highly recommend.. Here is a great tutorial to removing pomegranate seeds without all the mess. 

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  1. I love brussels - shaved, roasted, I think they are delicious. Yes, a bit sulfurous. But other delectable ingredients can help fix that problem =) This is a beautiful salad. Now if only I could appreciate pomegranates more (we share a tree with a neighbor, but I don't take advantage often....)