Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Bristol

With the end of the year rapidly drawing near, we've been trying to use more cards from the 2011 A La Card deck. There are a handful of favorites that we return to each year, and the Bristol is one of them. As I had previously written, we are fans of Chef Chris Pandel, and after having seen Pastry Chef Amanda Rockman compete on season 2 of Top Chef Desserts, it was time return to a beloved neighborhood favorite.

We can't help but order a couple of repeat items based on our previous visits. The dill monkey bread is buttery, salty, and fluffy. The dill butter makes this a match made in heaven. It will definitely make an appearance on the menu if we ever host a dinner party. For our salad, we ordered the shaved pork loin over frisee served with a anchoiade sauce that was out of this world.
 For our pasta course, we opted for the raviolo, filled with ricotta and egg yolk in a brown butter sauce, this is pasta heaven.
For our other repeat item, roasted bone marrow is one of A's favorites. With the onion jam, what's not to love? I love their preparation of this rich and indulgent goodness.
For dessert, I have yet to try Chef Rockman's basque cake, but her seasonal items always win me over because I know that some seasonal rendition of the basque cake will always be on the menu. We ordered the fromage blanc served with a buttery shortbread cookie, fresh rosemary, honeycomb, and roasted grapes. I never would have thought to roast grapes, and these were stellar. They were roasted long enough just to warm them while keeping the texture in tact. The honey comb was different than the honey comb we enjoyed in Australia, I had mistaken it for being something candied. The base of the dessert was a smooth, light and tangy panna cotta that was the perfect ending to a rich meal.

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