Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tomato & Corn Pie

I had been craving corn lately, and so lucky for me, Nichols Farm still had some mirai corn at the farmers market last week. I hadn't bought corn at the market yet this year since we had them in our summer produce share a couple of times. Mirai corn is a little different in that it is really sweet and tender, has a long life in the refrigerator, and is delicious eaten raw.

With a couple of tomatoes from our produce share, I was able to make this summer dish that we have made three summers in a row now: Tomato & Corn Pie. The combination is not something that would naturally propel me to make this, but this really works. I first sampled this at the LTHPicnic. After sampling a small slice, I knew I had to taste more of it, and the only way would be to make one for myself. 

It always reminds me that it's the end of summer whenever I make this dish. Even though it's baked in a crust, the corn and tomato retain their shape, crispy freshness and vibrant flavors. They marry really well with the fresh basil and chives. It's still delicious as leftovers heated up in a toaster oven.

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