Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our final summer CSA

I can't believe how quickly 17 weeks went by! This was the last week in our summer CSA from Green Grocer. I loved the variety of the vegetables from week to week, and we learned to try some new things like scapes and kohlrabi. We received a lot of duplicate fruit from week to week, but that's okay! We loved the fruit this summer. I really couldn't have asked for better service from Cassie Green and her staff. They are so friendly and genuinely want your honest feedback. If there's a problem, they're ready to help resolve it. This only happened once when the strawberries went bad very quickly at one point during the summer due to all the heavy rains we received. For my first CSA experience, I was pleased enough to sign up for the fall/winter share.
Contents of our share:
Tomatoes-larger (Nichols Farm, Illinois)
Summer melons (Nichols)
Eggplant (Genesis Growers, IL)
Hot Peppers (Genesis Growers)
DOUBLE peaches (Seedling, Michigan) 

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  1. How can it be the last? Where did summer go? Thanks for sharing all the great pics.