Friday, August 5, 2011

Garbage Plate

To conclude our trip to Buffalo, we drove up to Rochester on Sunday night to see the Bills' practice session. Neither of us had ever attended a practice session for a professional sports team. The Bills use St. John's Fisher University's football field. It was a very nice facility that provided an intimate setting for their fans. There were a lot of different groups spread out all over the field so it was hard to figure out where to concentrate your attention. Toward the latter half of practice, the team scrimmaged. 

Afterwards, we raced over to Nick Tahou's for their $5 garbage plate special, Sunday-Thursday, 6pm-10pm. A dinner sized plate is filled with home fries on one half and macaroni salad on the other half. We opted to get two cheeseburger patties, and then it is topped with the works: mustard, onions, hot sauce, and a greasy beef gravy/sauce. I can't imagine eating this all by myself. In spite of all the crazy ingredients listed, we still used additional hot sauce, ketchup and mustard. The home fries were more like smaller cuts of steak fries. As skeptical as we were, the macaroni salad was a surprisingly good contrast to all the toppings. The white bread on the side was unnecessary and not very good. The garbage plate is one of those novelties that you just have to check out for yourself!

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