Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Buffalo, NY Summer Recap

My husband, A, grew up in Buffalo, NY. For the second year now, we make it back twice a year: in the summer and during the holidays. A has a long list of favorites, but there are only so many meals to eat out during our stay. A's favorite pizza in Buffalo has quickly become one of my favorites as well: Mr. Pizza. The sauce and the dough are ever so slightly sweet, and the pepperoni are smaller than what most people are accustomed to having. The pepperoni is smaller in diameter and sliced thicker. After being baked in a hot oven, the pepperoni transforms into a crispy, zesty, and meaty disc. We always get Mr. Pizza at least once when visiting.

Another Buffalo classic is the Beef on Weck from Charlie the Butcher. What is Beef on Weck? A kaiser like roll is generously topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds. It is sliced in half, smeared with prepared horseradish and filled with slow-roasted rare roast beef. The beef is tender and juicy enough to make the soft kimmelweck roll slightly damp. The salted weck and the horseradish are the perfect compliments that really lifts the beef to another dimension above your average roast beef.

Do you have favorite spots that you like to hit up when you return to your hometown?


  1. When we were up in Buffalo over July 4th, we hit up the Pearl Street Brewery. That place is pretty sweet inside and outside. I'm sure you guys have been before but if not, check it out.

  2. We did stop by Pearl Street Brewery last weekend in hopes of meeting up with A's buddy. I've only been downstairs though. We stopped by often when we were in Buffalo for the World Juniors as well. I like their pizza there too!

  3. My mom went to college in Buffalo - oh I've heard much about beef on weck =)