Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tenth CSA

We experienced a wetter than usual spring this year, which resulted in a pretty weak strawberry crop. They were soft, fragile, soggy, and susceptible to mold. Since our ninth CSA had a double portion of strawberries, which quickly molded, Green Grocer kindly and generously offered us extra cherries this week as a make-up. 

Since I already made Izard's kohlrabi salad, I decided to turn down the fennel. A was supposed to grab a double share of one of the other vegetables, but he only came home with 1 extra zucchini instead of 2. :(
Chard (Nichols Farm, Illinois)
Fennel (Nichols)
Kale (Genesis Growers, IL)
Zucchini (Genesis Growers)
Cherries (Seedling Farms, Michigan)
Blueberries (Seedling)


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