Thursday, June 2, 2011


It seems that many cultures have some version of a dumpling. Growing up, my dad would often make shui mai, won ton or potstickers on the weekends. I had fun filling the wrappers and folding them. My husband's cultural dumpling is the pierogi. He grew up eating giant pierogies larger than the size of your palm! Over the holidays, I took a stab at making pierogies from scratch. I have made them a couple of times again since then and always freeze the extra so we can have easy access to them for a quick weeknight meal when I am not feeling inspired or running short on time. 

When serving the kielbasa and pierogies, we use organic ketchup and Weber's mustard for condiments. My husband introduced me to this horseradish mustard, which we always stock up on when we go to Buffalo. We like Trader Joe's organic ketchup because we recognize all of the ingredients. Did you ever notice that some ketchup include HCFS? How is that even necessary for ketchup?!

The pierogies pictured below are filled with potatoes and cheese. I used the recipe from King Arthur Flour after reading the post on Baker's Banter. (Being a test cook at King Arthur Flour or America's Test Kitchen would be my dream job!) The dough comes together very nicely and is very easy to use.


  1. Can I come over for dinner? I love this post! It's been awhile since I've had a pierogi - not so northern CA. These looks delicious. I think we should start a Christina for KAF / ATK - you've got the portfolio for it =)

  2. Of course, you`re invited over for dinner anytime you are in town, ricekernel!