Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best of Montreal: Part 3

I can't believe we've been home from Montreal for almost two weeks ago! I guess I better write this up before I forget too many of the details...So far, I've summarized the markets in part 1 and institutions in part 2. Part 3 will focus on our nice dinners from the trip. 

As I had mentioned before, going to Montreal was a last minute decision, so we didn't have a ton of time to plan things in advance, such as restaurant reservations. Luckily, I was able to get into Au Pied de Cochon for Sunday night dinner. Located on St. Denis in the Plateau, it's essential that one has the address for this restaurant. Since it was such a gorgeous day, the front windows and doors were opened, which resulted in no obvious signage. 

After seeing Anthony Bourdain feasting on the entire menu in the Montreal episode of No Reservations. I was pretty confident that anything we order would be delicious. We started with an order of foie gras poutine and cod fritters. Oh my goodness! The foie gras poutine was P H E N O M E N A L. The foie gras added so much richness to the gravy, and the fries were wonderfully fried and oh so potatoey. Can't go wrong with handcut fries! The cheese curds were so wonderful. We also ordered cod fritters and weren't really sure what to expect, but these were lovely as well. 

We had a hard time deciding on an entree, but our server said that PDC's cut was intended for two, but we think it's really intended for four! I can't believe she recommended that we supplement it with cheesey mashed potatoes. It was way too much food for us, which was such a shame. We were so full, we couldn't fully appreciate it. 

On our last night, we had to have some French cuisine so we ended up at LaLoux, also in the Plateau area. Our good friends had honeymooned in Montreal back in Spring 2009, and highly recommended this restaurant. Unfortunately, our table was quite dark, and thus my pictures just can't give the food adequate justice. A ordered the beef strip sirloin with asparagus, pearl onions, and brioche marrow toast. Two slices of brioche were toasted and smeared with marrow...oh the buttery richness of this combo! I ordered the Pacific halibut served with pine nuts me "meunière", basmati rice and haricots verts. My fish was seared to perfection creating a wonderful crispy exterior. 

To round out our meal, we had to order dessert. I had a hard time deciding, but based on the season and our server's recommendation, we went with the Rhubarb-strawberry sorbet, cream cheese, almond-ginger cake, rhubarb compote and pink grapefruit. This screamed spring to us. I recently made rhubarb-strawberry sorbet, so I'm determined to replicate this dessert after figuring our the almond-ginger cake. 

If you find yourself planning a trip to Montreal, I would also recommend that you check out The Endless Banquet.

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