Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pretzel Rolls!

I stumbled upon the Stresscake blog while following David Lebovitz's tweets during his recent Chicago visit. As I read more about her and her blog, I immediately added her to my Google Reader. Stresscake writes about how it all started with her inability to sleep at night: she would bake scrumptious creations and present them to her colleagues in the office the next morning. This became an increasingly frequent habit, and her coworkers dubbed it "stress-baking", and so the end result came to be known as "stress cakes." I never really thought I had much of a sweet tooth, but I also find something very cathartic about baking. Sometimes, I feel like my beloved mixer is an extension of my body.

Given that Stresscake had these adorable little pretzel rolls on her banner, it was only appropriate that it would be the first recipe I tried from her blog. I don't know a single person who doesn't like pretzel rolls. There are definitely good pretzel rolls and bad pretzel rolls. These did not disappoint! Soft, chewy, not too dense, salty and just a little sweet. Since we were going to be using these for sliders, I decided to make them into 3 oz dough balls, which were a little big for the small patties I formed. Next time, I will probably make bigger patties. Go make these! They're so easy and rewarding!


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