Sunday, May 22, 2011

An order for truffles

On September 12, 2010, a sweet and strong little girl entered the world. Today, she was surrounded by loved ones at her baptism. I was completely flattered and honored when her aunt (my friend) suggested that I make favors for their family and friends attending the baptism. I provided them a link to my Picasa album containing pictures of most of the things that I have made in the last few years. They decided to go with the dark chocolate caramel truffles. I've only made these once earlier this year as a holiday favors for my immediate family. They were a huge hit, so I had hoped that these would turn out successfully again.

The truffles have a soft, caramel chocolate center and are enrobed in dark chocolate. The dark chocolate shell is thin, crisp, and rich. The sea salt on top brings the truffles to another level making the caramel taste especially rich and buttery.

Four+ pounds of dark chocolate, 100+ truffles, and 50 little kraft boxes later...
Cute tags made by the aunt and mom of the baby girl. Thank you for your support and encouragement by being my first order! :)


  1. Congratulations! I can't begin to imagine the undertaking of this project - you are a brave, if adventurous, woman! They look scrumptious. If only you were nearby =)

  2. Thanks! I'm so grateful that everything went smoothly! I am trying to plan a trip to NCA in late Aug for a wedding. ;)

  3. If Donna hasn't told you yet, the truffles were a hit! They were enjoyed by all and a delectable conclusion to the day. Thank you again!

    -Quinci's family

  4. Thanks, Ken. Your comment totally made my day. I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed them!

  5. Oh, Ken beat me to it. Like everything else you make, the truffles were delicious and as Ken mentioned - a hit! Thank you again for agreeing to make them. Will definitely be ordering again sometime!

  6. Donna - thanks for your support and encouragement! :)