Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dim Sum at MingHin

For many years, there seemed to be little turnover of restaurants in Chinatown...until this past year when several restaurants opened. The owner of Chi Cafe opened Minghin last fall and created a niche by specializing in Chinese BBQ. It's been on my list to try for several months now, and I was finally able to try their dim sum with my parents.

Top row:
Rice crepe with Chinese fried donut - Nicely thin rice crepe, but this still does not meet my gold standard , where Congee Wong in Toronto still reigns as the best

Macau pork belly - very distinct layers of crispy skin, melting fatty goodness; it was interesting to have sugar available on the side of dipping

Middle row:
Lotus wrapped sticky rice

Pan-fried noodle roll with XO Sauce - I've always been a fan of XO sauce because of the added heat it provides. This was one of my favorite dishes

Bottom row:
Honey glazed short ribs
U-Choy - one of my favorite vegetables, perfectly cooked to the precise tenderness


  1. I'm salivating! You'd think I'd get my share of dim sum in the SF Bay Area but we rarely, rarely go for dim sum these days. I think a visit is in order!

  2. The dim sum in Chicago pales in comparison to SF, Vancouver, Toronto & NY! :(